Training Tips

Whether this is your first half-marathon or you are a veteran marathon runner, we applaud your dedication, commitment, and hard work preparing for the Las Vegas Marathon and Half-Marathon. As you approach race day with the enthusiasm and excitement that every runner feels leading up to such a tremendous accomplishment, we want to offer you some guidance on your training.

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Online Coaching Program

Preparing for any distance running event places increased demands on your body. Be sure to consult with a qualified and licensed medical professional before you start a training program for a half-marathon or marathon. Likewise, be sure that you have sufficient time to dedicate towards regular and consistent training for the weeks leading up to race day.

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How many weeks does it take to train?

There is no "hard rule" about how many weeks are required to train. Most training programs range from 10-16 weeks for a half-marathon, and 16-24 weeks for a marathon. The key to any training program, and your success in training and on race day, is your ability to devote sufficient time towards your race goal. Keep in mind your overall health, current fitness level, work and personal demands on time, and your willingness to "stick to it" for the amount of time you need to get race-ready.

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Be Specific

Once you have made the decision to start training, you want your training plan to include the key components for any marathon or half-marathon program: long runs; strength and flexibility work; speed and hill work; recovery and rest days; easy/aerobic runs; and tempo/pace runs. More importantly, you want your training plan to have the right amount of volume and intensity for your race distance, your overall running experience, and your ultimate goal for race day. "I want to finish my first half" requires much different training than "I want to qualify for Boston!"

"I never dreamed I could qualify for Boston or considered myself to be a fast runner. I was so lucky to have stumbled upon Coach Paul. His downhill training plan and quick response to all of my questions made my 4 month training zip by. As a busy working mom of three it was such a relief to have someone tell me what I needed to do to accomplish my goals."

- Hebah Hefzy

Get Started

Above all, we want your experience at the Las Vegas Marathon and Half-Marathon to be enjoyable and memorable. We are confident that the course, as it works its way through the iconic and diverse city, will be a thrill for everyone. We also want to make sure that you are prepared to go the distance so that you can enjoy your journey to the finish!

Online Coaching Program